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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Searching for the full text of articles from within EndNote

EndNote X2 has a new feature that will locate and store the full text in the record for the reference you have selected. However the success of this feature will depend on what database you are using.

To try this:

Within EndNote, select the journal reference for which you would like to locate full text. From the References menu: select Find Full text. If a PDF of the article is successfully found it will be automatically downloaded and placed within the individual reference and with a paperclip. The PDFs are stored in the .DATA folder belonging to that particular library along with any other PDFs you have inserted into that library

You may have zero or only partial success with this. If you have downloaded your record from Web of Science or from PubMed, and/or your record contains a DOI, this method of downloading full text is more likely to work.

We look forward to EndNote improving this feature.

For more information about using EndNote see the Library's EndNote wiki(note you will need to use your UC login to access this wiki.)


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