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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Free Stuff: the AJHRs

The Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives, or the A to Js for short, are collected papers relating to government business of the day, from 1858 onwards.

They contain a wealth of New Zealand history, covering forestry, education, healthcare, transport and other engineering projects, finance, elections, foreign affairs, maps, and much more. One project I've used them with was to find old sources of the Kai Tahu dialect -- the A to Js include vast numbers of letters and other tuhinga in Te Reo Māori.

For years they've been a set of gorgeous volumes on row upon row of library shelves -- but now many of them are online too, thanks to the ongoing digitisation project. You can search them in English or in Te Reo Māori.

Deborah Fitchett
Liaison Librarian


I LOVE the AtoJs online. They're a very useful and fascinating resource. I look forward to the coverage extending further forward.

Posted by css35 at Thursday, August 25, 2011 20:42:05

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