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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Central Library and Learning Hub access restrictions and summer 2012-2013 closure

Remediation and betterment work is taking place on a number of levels of James Hight, which has affected access to some areas of the Central Library and Learning Hub. This will continue over the coming months and into 2013, including a complete closure over the summer period, details of which are below. This document provides a brief summary.

Library staff understand this will impact upon staff and students’ research and study needs, and are making every effort to ensure access to resources will be maintained through the request and retrievals system and relocation of High Demand collections.

While these projected dates are accurate at this time, the nature of the work being undertaken means some may be subject to change.

Level 11 – currently closed, re-opening Monday 11 June
The Library is expecting level 11 to be handed back by Monday 11 June at the latest, at which time public access will resume. Although the betterment work has not yet been completed on this level, the carpet has been laid and the shelving is being installed, which will allow books to be moved back in the coming weeks.

Level 10 – currently closed, re-opening July
The books from level 10 will be moved down to level 7 as soon as the level 11 books have been returned from level 7. For a short period of time access to levels 9, 10 and 11 may be restricted to Library staff only.

Level 9 – currently closed
Level 9 is closed, however, Library staff will have daily access to retrieve requests.

Level 8 – currently open, restricted access from late July
When level 10 is handed back to the Library, level 8 will become restricted access. This is likely to be sometime in late July.

Level 3 - Open – some restricted access to open shelving
Library collections are being moved from this level.

This process of having two of the levels of the Central Library restricted will continue until the end of the academic year.

Closure of the Central Library and Learning Hub over the summer period (mid-November 2012 – mid-February 2013)

The Central Library and Learning Hub will close for the summer at the end of the 2012 academic year to allow contractors to complete the James Hight remediation and improvement work. This work should be finished in time for the library to reopen by the start of the 2013 academic year.

UC staff and students will be reminded to borrow any items they may need over summer prior to the closure. However, Library staff will also be able to retrieve items requested throughout the closure. The decision to move any of the Central collection to other libraries has not been made. This decision will be made in conjunction with Liaison Librarians, academic staff and research students to ensure that adequate access to Library resources for both research and summer school courses is maintained.


Given this closure it would make sense to allow all staff and students to withdraw twice the usual number of books for the period of the closure.
It is also staggering that the library could possibly not be open for the start of the 2013 academic year.
Further, this is just another major set-back for post-graduate students and I fail to see how any staff or students could have confidence in a university that continues to treat the users of its library with such disdain.
Mike Grimshaw, Sociology.

Posted by mpg35 at Sunday, April 29, 2012 15:01:48

Thank you for your comments.
Remediation work on the James Hight building is continuing throughout 2012. In order for Levels 2, 3 and 4 to be remediated, it has been decided that the time that will cause the least disruption is from the end of Semester 2 and before Semester 1 starts for 2013.

The Library will be ensuring that academics and students are given the opportunity to borrow items prior to the planned closure, and items required for teaching purposes will be transferred to another library. Library staff will be able to carry out retrievals throughout the period of closure.

Heather Jenks
Associate University Librarian

Posted by libr100 at Tuesday, May 08, 2012 12:59:32

Hi, sorry I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this or not but will the construction on the Central Library be continuing for the rest of this semester? It's so noisy with all the machinery noise and banging going on it's impossible to find somewhere quiet to study in that building. I know the work needs to be done but we also need quiet places to study especially with exams coming up in a month!

Thanks, Chloe.

Posted by cms166 at Tuesday, May 08, 2012 20:05:45

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