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This is the archive for October 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quiet levels


Could you please put out a reminder email/put up more posters to make sure everyone knows which levels are QUIET levels. It is very distracting and frustrating having to tell groups on the upper levels of the library to stop gossiping about their weekends.
Student attempting to revise for exams on level 8.

Library Answer


Library and security staff are moving throughout the building on a regular basis ensuring that levels 4-11 are quiet.

If you have concerns about noise please speak with a library or security staff member.

I will increase the signage on the floors for the duration of the exam period.

Joan Simpson
Manager, Central Library and Learning Hub

Sunday, October 23, 2011

E-books UC doesn't own appearing in the Catalogue


Hi there - I have just searched the Catalogue and found a book that I wanted to read (EBL publisher). After a few mins of reading it I got a message to say that my browsing session was over as UC "does not own the book". I find it v odd that a book UC doesn't own is in the Catalogue - and especially so given there is no reference to this being the case. Please could you annotate the record in the Catalogue to say "not owned" so that we don't waste time mucking about trying to read ebooks the uni doesn't own! Thanks
Frustrated Law Library User :o)

Library Answer

Thank you for this feedback. We apologise for the inconvenience it caused you, but your feedback is very useful to us, as explained below.

What you have encountered here is an example of an electronic book which the Library has identified as being of possible interest to our users. We are moving to allow patron driven purchasing of ebooks, and this was publicized on Library News in March this year.

We are actively working on ways to improve this access, but it is a work in progress. In fact, changes we have made recently mean that the process for purchasing these items should be seamless, and the user shouldn't even be aware that accessing the ebook activates an automatic purchase process. We have however put a price limit on this, above which the purchase has to be approved, and the example you encountered may have exceeded this limit. If this is the case, fill in the request form and your request to purchase the item will go to the Library. We have also just checked and changed some other settings, so if you try again you may in fact be able to access the book without problems.

The process of patron driven purchase is still being reviewed, refined and revised, with the aim of making it as easy and seamless as possible.

Tim Stedman
Resource Acquisition Team Leader
Acting Resource Discovery Team Leader
Library Support Services

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Level 4


Is it neccesary that shelving of books and re-arrangement of furniture occur on the "quiet" level 4 of the central library during the exam period. I appreciate that the staff are trying to be quiet but it's difficult to concentrate with all the noise.

Library Answer

Hello Richard

Thanks for your message advising that staff working on level 4.

I have spoken with my staff working on this level and stressed that there should not be moving of shelving or furniture at this time. If we cannot manage to move the books without being disruptive I will stop the work until after the exams have finished.

Regards Joan

Joan Simpson
Manager, Central Library and Learning Hub

Thursday, October 06, 2011

APA referencing


It would be really nice and extremely helpful if the books in your catalogue also had the correct APA referencing mentioned on the screen somewhere.

Lisa Walker

Library Answer

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your excellent suggestion. Whilst it's not currently possible in the Library Catalogue, you can display an APA citation for references by searching in Multisearch. Here’s how: save relevant items and click on saved items at the bottom of the screen. Choose APA as the format to display the citations. Hope this helps.

If you want further help with referencing do contact your Liaison Librarian who will be glad to advise you.

Peter Lund, Academic Liaison Manager