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Friday, March 30, 2012

Preview peek into books


I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Whenever I get a book recall for an item that I am still reading, I have no other option but to return it to the library and log a request. What is interesting about this is that often I get my request back within a day! This is commendable service from the library staff, But it makes me think that the person that asked for the book, did not find it useful and so returned it almost immediately. Having a preview peek will reduce these recalls and save trouble for library staff as wells as library users. I suggest introducing a link to Google books so that readers could have a preview of the book before requesting a copy.
Mary Allan

Library Answer

Dear Mary,

Thanks for the really interesting idea. We use a third party vendor to
supply most catalogue records for the Library's catalogue and the majority of
these do not contain links to Google Books. There are tools such as the
library's Multisearch which are increasingly pulling in content from
sources other than the Library Catalogue but at this stage Google Books
isn't covered. I will pass your comment onto our Resource Discovery
Team as they are increasingly focussing resources to improve the
search experience and discovery of electronic content.

Tim Stedman
Resource Acquisition Team Leader
Library Support Services


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