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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Library link on New UC website


I noticed the new home page of the unviersity has the library under 'research'. I find it odd that there is no direct link to the library the way it used to be on the old home page. I think positioning the link to the library under 'research' may result in difficulties for our undergraduates to find the library link on the website. Undergrads who do no engage in research as such, may perceive the heading 'research' as irrelevant to them, and may not look under that heading. It may also send a message to undergrads that the the library is not part of their learning. I am sure this was not the intention of whoever decided on the new position of the library link, but I would be happy if it were to be repositioned on the same line of headings starting with " study", "courses', "departments" etc.


Library Answer

Dear Mary

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. The Library is now linked under “Quick Links”, “Teaching” and “Research”. We will continue to look at this issue as it's important to us for staff and students to have easy access to our library site.

Kind regards

Heather Jenks
Associate University Librarian


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