Fines and Payments - Library - University of Canterbury

Fines and Payments

Making Payments

You can pay your fines and some lost book charges from your Canterbury Card account. We never take the money off until you ask us to.

  1. Make sure money is loaded onto your Canterbury Card, either at a reload station by EFTPOS, or online by credit card.
  2. Pay the fine/lost book charge(s) from your Canterbury Card, either in person at any Library Information Desk, or pay online.

Note: Distance students, if this is problematic please contact the Education Library.


  • You'll be emailed a confirmation that the payment has been made.
  • You can check recent payments from your card at your IT Account. Note that your balance may take several minutes to update following a payment.
  • You can pay for lost books provided the debt has not progressed to an invoice from Financial Services. If you have any queries about lost book charges, please contact library staff