Retired Staff who Require Library Services - Library - University of Canterbury

Retired Staff who Require Library Services

Staff who retire from the University of Canterbury are entitled to retain access to some University of Canterbury Library services for life.

  • To be able to borrow you need a valid library record and a Canterbury Card.
  • Access to databases and other online resources is very limited, as licensing agreements usually only allow access to current students and staff.
  • Retired staff are ineligible for the interloan service.

Setting Up/Renewing a Library Account

If you do not have a library record or your library account has expired, you will need to fill in the following form: Service Request for Visitors form (.docx). (This form is on the HR intranet site and requires a UC staff login; if you are unable to access the form please contact staff for a copy).

This form needs to be signed off by the department you worked in and then sent to Human Resources. If you have any questions about this form, please contact Human Resources ( For more information please see Guideline: Services for Visitors (PDF 116 KB).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to keep lodging a Service Request form to get library access?

The system by which HR creates records for Retired Staff has a maximum span of 3 years, so you need to re-register at least every three years. However, the length of time you are registered for could be less than this depending on what your department specifies in the Service Request.

Do I need a new Canterbury Card every time I renew my record?

No. As long as your card is not damaged and can be clearly read, you will not need a new card.

Why isn’t my library account reactivated as soon as HR processes my renewal form?

HR records don’t update the library's records until the end of the expiry date (ie. if your HR record expires on 31 October and you’ve lodged a form before this date, Peoplesoft will update at midnight on 31 October). The library account can only reflect current HR staff records, so your library account expiry date won’t be extended until your old service request has actually expired. The library is aware of this issue. Please contact library staff if this causes any issues.