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Electronic Resources Trials

In order to assess potential new electronic resources, the Library periodically has free trials of various databases.

Current trials:

These resources are available for a limited period. Please test and evaluate these products and send any comments to us using this general evaluation form.

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) is a comprehensive package of Chinese language academic resources created by the Chinese government and Tsinghua University. The Library is trialling databases with journal content as well as theses and newspaper articles. The journal subject areas are: Literature, History, Philosophy, Politics, Military Affairs, Law, Education, Social Science, Economics and Management. Science packages also exist and could be trialled in the future if there was demand.

We are also trialling CNKI’s Journal Translation Project which has English translations of selected important Chinese journals for each discipline. Please note the English translations cover all subject areas including Science and Engineering.

  1. China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CJFD)
  2. China Doctoral Dissertations Database (CDMD)
  3. China Masters' Theses Database (CMFD)
  4. China Core Newspapers Database (CCND)
  5. CNKI Journal Translation Project

This trial ends 31 July 2017.

Some of the Library's present database suppliers also offer temporary access to products outside our subscriptions:

  • Ovid - each month, Resource of the Month program allows you free access to "test drive" different products.

  • Clarivate Analytics - ScienceWatch.com has the aim of "tracking trends and performance in basic research". ScienceWatch.com features interviews, analyses, data and rankings, and more.

  • ScienceDirect - The ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles is a free quarterly service to help you keep track of the latest trends in your speciality.

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - provides a free On the Open Shelves section, with a wide selection of biographies, features, and themes for reference and research.

  • LexisNexis - Featured Topics provides the latest survey findings, white papers and web site resources.