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Electronic Resources Trials

In order to assess potential new electronic resources, the Library periodically has free trials of various databases.

Current trials:

These resources are available for a limited period. Please test and evaluate these products and send any comments to us using this general evaluation form.

The Bridget Williams Books Collection

This a collection of ‘high-quality New Zealand non-fiction books brought together online for the first time.’

Trial access collections comprise:

  1. Treaty of Waitangi collection (currently subscribed) **
  2. BWB Texts collection ‘Short books on big subjects**
  3. Critical issues collection
  4. New Zealand History collection
  5. The New Zealand Sign Language Collection
  6. The New Zealand Women’s studies collection

** to see the first two items, right-click on the link and copy it. Then open a new window in your browser and paste the link there. The other items link OK.

This trial runs from the 17th July – 25th August.

SciVal Trial

The Library has arranged trial access to SciVal from 24 August to 22 September 2017. SciVal is a research analytics system that uses data from Scopus and Science Direct to give researchers access to the bibliometric research performance of their own research, research institutions and individual researchers worldwide.

SciVal enables researchers and admin to visualise research performance, benchmark using a number of metrics and develop collaborative partnerships.

The system is useful for:

  • Researchers
  • Staff working to support research and partnerships
  • Marketing and communications staff

SciVal can be used to:

  • Understand the performance of research outputs for a group
  • Gather information and analysis to support funding bids and PBRF
  • Analyse research strengths and trends and to benchmark against other research groups, universities etc
  • Gather information about current partnerships and potential partners

How well does it do all of these things? How easy is it to use? These are the questions we hope to answer by holding a trial of the product.

SciVal training and sign-up
A SciVal Metrics workshop, led by Cassandra Sims from Elsevier, will be held on 28 August from 9am-12pm in the Library. Please register here (http://canterbury.libcal.com/event/3359196). The registration page lists the topics that will be covered in the workshop.

SciVal would have to provide exceptional benefits to UC for us to subscribe to it. The trial should help us understand how beneficial SciVal could be, and whether it would be worth making a business case to acquire it.

This trial runs from the 24th August - 22nd September.

Some of the Library's present database suppliers also offer temporary access to products outside our subscriptions:

  • Ovid - each month, Resource of the Month program allows you free access to "test drive" different products.

  • Clarivate Analytics - ScienceWatch.com has the aim of "tracking trends and performance in basic research". ScienceWatch.com features interviews, analyses, data and rankings, and more.

  • ScienceDirect - The ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles is a free quarterly service to help you keep track of the latest trends in your speciality.

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - provides a free On the Open Shelves section, with a wide selection of biographies, features, and themes for reference and research.

  • LexisNexis - Featured Topics provides the latest survey findings, white papers and web site resources.