Using Cross-national time-series data archive on-campus

NOTE: CNTS is not available off-campus, and will only run on PCs running Windows. The licence permits only one user at a time, but the archive does not come with software to control this, so access is crude.

Unfortunately, to free this data for another user to connect, you will probably need to log-off your PC. We will see if we can improve this.

If you are viewing this page in Internet Explorer, you may be able to click on this link \\uclibrmisc1\CNTS to go to the folder of documents, otherwise you should copy the link into the the address bar of 'My computer'. The main file is CNTSDATA.xls

An alternative route which will suit some users is to create a desktop shortcut that connects directly to CNTS. If you have access to the U: drive, navigate to the U:\Library\Shortcuts folder
and drag a copy of the 'Cross National Time Series' shortcut out of that folder onto your desktop.