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EBSCO eBook Collection

Finding eBooks on EBSCOhost

Find eBooks by searching or browsing. Use Basic Search to search by keyword or use Advanced Search to construct more complicated searches using multiple fields and Boolean operators.

  • Browse by Category (select a category from the left panel) or view the Latest Added eBooks (as shown in the eBooks opening page)
  • Click the Advanced Search link, enter search terms and select a search parameter from the Select a Field drop-down list (Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, etc.).
  • Refine search results by using optional limiters such as publication year, publisher or language, and limit search scope to specific types, if available.

eBooks on EBSCOhost - Searching Tutorial

Reading eBooks on EBSCOhost

eBooks can be read online in the eBook Viewer - click the eBook Full Text link in the search results list, or in the eBook title record display. Click the Table of Contents link to view the chapters of an eBook. From there, you can go directly to a chapter. When the eBook opens, click the icons in the Tools display on the right to:

  • search within the eBook
  • create notes about the eBook (these can be saved to your personal folder in EBSCO)
  • search for definitions of words

Use the icons on the eBook Viewer Toolbar, at the bottom of the page, to manipulate the page within the viewing area, zoom in and out, go to a specific page of the eBook (use the Location Slider; the arrows each side of the slider bar take you to the beginning or end of the eBook).


  • There may be some textbooks where only 1 or 3 simultaneous users is available and these are noted as such on the Catalogue
  • Mac users must install the Schubert-it PDF Browser plugin to read eBooks online

My EBSCOhost

You will need to create an EBSCOhost account if you would like to take notes on eBooks and save them to your My EBSCOhost folder for later viewing. If you have an existing EBSCOhost sign in, this will also support eBooks.

To use the Notetaking feature, from the page of the eBook on which you would like to leave a note, click on the Notes icon in the toolbar.


To print an item in PDF Full Text format, you must use the Adobe Reader Print option. When viewing the PDF document in your browser window, the Adobe Print option (a printer icon) is included on the Adobe Reader toolbar located above the article. Note that if the item includes a citation and/or HTML text, they will print from the browser window.

ebooks on EBSCOhost allows you to print to PDF (or email) up to 60 pages per title.