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Taylor & Francis eBooks

eBooks from Taylor & Francis will appear in the Library Catalogue in the usual way.

Click on the "Connect to electronic resource .." link to connect to the book on the Taylor & Francis ebooks page.

To read the full-text click the "Table of Contents" links in the left menu or use the tools on the opened book page to navigate the text.

Browser Requirements

  • You must enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser.
  • In preference, use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 & greater; other browsers are compatible with MyiLibrary but may include deprecated features
  • Multiple users may view an eBook at the same time
  • You may print chapters, sections or pages within the copyright restrictions of the title.


  • Use the default "Full Text" search option to search the eBook content
  • Use the "Keywords" search option to include all information, eg title, authors, publishers, etc., as well as eBook content
  • Use the "Advanced Search' option for specific search refinements or to select from a list of terms
  • Use quotes ("") to find an exact match.
  • Use the citation button once you have opened the eBook to see different reference methods available.