Science Fiction Collection - EPS Library - University of Canterbury

Science Fiction Collection

Housed in the EPS Library in the casual reading space on Level 2, the collection includes about 300 items.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

~ Albert Einstein

Not so long ago, in a garage sale not so far away, a certain unassuming librarian discovered amongst the broken swing-ball sets and discarded Solid Gold LPs piles and piles of preloved science-fiction novels – also known as "sci-fi" or simply "SF" to aficionados.

After a number of requests over the years for more recreational reading, the University of Canterbury Library is very pleased and proud to bring to you – through the generosity of donors – this small but exclusive collection of science-fiction novels.

The novels have attracted attention from students and staff alike – both sci-fi fans and those with only a passing interest. Some have also seen it as an opportunity to finally find a caring home for their own well-thumbed and much-loved treasures.

Browse the collection

Search the catalogue by author or title or browse the shelves on Level 2 of the EPS Library – the books are shelved by the first three letters of the author's surname.

"Everything is becoming science fiction." ~ J. G. Ballard