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Printing, downloading and saving

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How do I tell what journals or articles are available electronically?
Search the Journals database on the home page or left hand navigation bar to find a journal title. This is a database of all journals available via the University of Canterbury Library. Alternatively, you can use Multisearch if you know the title of the article.

How do I tell what years are available electronically?
In many cases, this information is in the Library Catalogue record, otherwise it is displayed when you follow the link to a particular journal.

Why aren't more years covered electronically?
The Library's holdings are governed by two constraints: the extent to which the publisher has made the journal electronically available, and secondly, the number of years that the Library can afford to purchase.

Why doesn't the library subscribe to a journal online if it gets it in print?
Some journals make an additional charge for access to the online version on top of the print subscription. (Not all journals are available as yet online).

Why can't I get a PDF of a journal article that's available online?
The formats are provided by the publisher, in some cases this is html only.

Why doesn't the library subscribe to all journals in electronic format?
There is a gradual move to journals online. However with some publishers there are still concerns about long term stability of archives and continuing access to years that have been previously paid for.

If the library doesn't have an online version of the journal I want, what are my options?
Consult the print copy (if available) and take a photocopy of the article. If the Library does not hold the journal, fill in an Interloan request form. This can be done online or in the Library.

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How do I access journals while off campus?
You can access most e-journals from home using your Internet Service Provider.

Why am I asked for a password to access an article?
There could be two reasons:

  • The journal is not available for off-campus access (see previous FAQ)
  • There is a problem with the subscription or access that the Library needs to know about. Please fill in an access problem report form.

(See next FAQ as well)

Why is the article I want in an e-journal not available?
(See previous FAQ as well)
Reasons include:

  • Our subscription may not include access to that particular time period.
  • There might be a problem with access that the Library needs to know about. Contact us with details.

I can only access an older issue of a journal online. Why is this?
It may be because the Library has cancelled its subscription to this journal. The publisher allows us to have access to the years we have paid for, but not to the current issues. Some journals which are available to us through Proquest and Infotrac are embargoed for a period of time. For example, a publisher may not allow access to the articles in the latest issue until 30 days after publication.

I can only access the last 12 months of a journal online. Why is this?
Some publishers only offer access to the latest issues when we subscribe to their journals. They require additional payment for access to the content of earlier years.

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Printing, Downloading, Saving

Can I download and print articles?
Absolutely! Most ejournal services generally provide no real problems. If you download articles in post script format, you will need access to a post script printer.

Some situations may arise where the file downloads are visible on screen but do not print or display in print preview.

A couple of things to try are:

1) If the PDF is displaying inside the browser window there should be an option to click the little printer icon which appears in a row of Acrobat specific icons underneath the usual browser buttons. Try this instead of File and Print.

2) In Acrobat > Edit > Preferences > Options, there should be an option to check a box "Display PDF in browser". Try unchecking this and then try again.

Can I save articles to a disk or my destop to use later?
Yes. If the journal article you want to save is in PDF format, just click the "Save it" button rather than the "Open" button, then you can save the file eg to your a: drive. PDF file sizes can sometimes be quite large.

Different databases or ejournal services all work a bit differently, so if you are in any doubt, ask a Librarian for assistance.

Can I email articles to myself?
You can for some. If you are looking for journal articles on full-text databases such as ProQuest, InfoTrac, ScienceDirect or Factiva, you can email the article(s) to yourself. Other services may not provide this functionality.

What is the difference between HTML and PDF?
HTML is a straight text (web page) representation of the article that may include separate graphics. PDF is a scanned copy of the article, and provides more superior print quality.

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