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Exam paper problem report form

Please use this form to report problems with accessing exam papers

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3) Which exam paper(s) did you have problems accessing/downloading?
(For example: all of the ones I tried, FORE 102 2002 mid-year paper)

4) Please describe the problem, giving as much detail as possible
(For example: "takes a long time to print" or "at the remote access login screen after I enter my username and password I get a message that says...")

5) Where are you trying to access from?
(For example: from home, from a library computer, in the Ilam flats, lab on campus....)

6) What date and time did you experience the problem?

7) If you are trying to access off-campus, what is the name of your Internet service provider?

8) What Web browser are you using?

9) What kind of computer are you using?
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