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AskLIVE Survey

To help us provide you with better service, please take the time to answer as many of the following questions as you can.

1) Please indicate if you are:

Staff   Postgraduate   Undergraduate   Library staff  

2) How did you find about about the AskLIVE Service?

Saw it on the Web pages   Told by a friend/colleague  
Told by a Librarian            Saw advertising material

3) How easy was the service to use?

Very easy   Quite easy   Difficult   Very difficult

4) Did you experience any technical difficulties?

Yes   No

5) If you answered Yes to question 4, what kind of difficulties did you have? (check all that apply)

I couldn't connect  
It made my browser crash 
I couldn't access Web pages I got sent 
I resized my browser and got strange results
I connected, but got thrown off
It made my computer crash
I stopped getting messages without warning

6) Which Web browser were you using?

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 8 
Older versions of Internet Explorer 

Firefox 3
Older Firefox
Safari 3.2
Older Safari


7) How quick was the initial response from a Librarian?

Very quick   A noticeable delay   Longer than I wanted  
Far too long  

8) How quick were the responses from the Librarian during the chat session?

Very quick   A noticeable delay   Longer than I wanted  
Far too long  

9) When did you get an answer to your question?

During the chat session   Within 2 hours   Within 24 hours  
Within 48 hours   Not at all  

10) How useful was the answer to you?

Not at all useful   Useful   Very useful   Invaluable  

11) What did you think of the Librarian's manner? (check all that apply)

Approachable   Friendly   Over friendly   Distant  
Unfriendly   Terse  

12) If this service was available all the time, when might you use it? (check all that apply)

Never   8am-12 noon   12 noon-5pm   5pm-10pm  
10pm-8am   Weekdays   Weekends  

13) Where might you access the AskLIVE from? (check all that apply)

In Library   In Department   Student labs   Outside campus  

14) Are there any suggestions you can make as to how we could improve this service?

15) Any other comments?

16) If you would like us to contact you about any of your concerns, please tell us your email address:

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.