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Distance services FAQ

How do I add money to my Canterbury card?

You can load funds remotely using a credit card. (Students only).

I have forgotten my UC password

Follow the instructions to reset your password, or contact the IT Service Desk.

Can you update my address details?

Unfortunately, we are unable to update student addresses. You'll need to do this yourself on myUC. It is vital that you do this to avoid items being posted to the wrong address.

How can I pay my library fines?

Use our remote online payment option.
Please DO NOT send cash back with your returned books, as it may become lost in the packaging.
Staff, if you have lost book charges to pay please contact library staff.

How long are items issued to me?

Standard items are issued for 32 days (undergraduate) and 60 days (postgraduate). If items are recalled, you are still guaranteed an issue period of 18 days.
If an item has other requests queued it will be issued for 10 days only.
High Demand 3 day loans are issued for 10 days.

I tried renewing my high demand item, but the issue period has reduced instead of increasing.

High demand items are issued for 10 days. Renewals are for 3 days only, regardless of how long you have had the book. We suggest you renew your High Demand item as close as possible to the due date to avoid the due date being reduced. If you have already renewed your item and your due date has been reduced call us (0800 763 676) and we will reinstate the correct due date for you.

How do I request a journal article?

If the journal article is available electronically then you can access it online with your UC username and password.
If the journal article is held in paper/print form only, then you will need to request the article from us and we will scan and email it to you.
You can phone (0800 763 676), send us an email or use AskLive to make this request.

I have run out of FREEPOST labels. Can I still post my items back?

Yes NZ Post does accept items with a handwritten Freepost address. For address details visit our Library Distance Services page.

Do you supply packaging for return post?

No, but we ask where possible you recycle the packaging the item was posted in. If sent by courier turn the courier bag inside out and place the FREEPOST sticker on the outside. Return any Kits/AV items in the bubble wrap it was sent in. Please DO NOT use layers of newspaper, plastic bags or brown paper for return post.

The post is really slow where I live, what do I do?

Talk to us. Let us know the issues and we can make a note on your account. We are not going to penalise you for something that is beyond your control.