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Learn to use the Library

The following links will open short videos demonstrating how to log in to, and use your personal Library account. Your browser will need to have the Flash player plugin to view these videos. Get Flash player.

Using My Library Account

Note: Videos 2-5 assume you already know how to log in to My Library Account (video 1).

  1. Logging into and using My Library Account (1.9MB)
  2. Renewing items you have already borrowed (1.0MB)
  3. Requesting the first available copy of an item (1.4MB)
  4. Requesting a specific copy of an item (1.6MB)
  5. Checking your requested items (1MB)
  6. Cancelling a request you made (1.15MB)

Searching PsycINFO (7.33MB)

How to find journal articles in Multisearch

Dialup Users

Viewing videos downloaded via a dial up connection

If you are using a dial up internet connection, you may find that the first time you view a video that it does not work properly because it takes a little while to download the entire video but computers often start playing before they have the complete data. You may experience problems such as finding that the audio track is broken up and out of sequence with the video.

If this happens, try viewing the video a second time. Your browser should now have downloaded all the files it needs and you should be able to view the video without delays.