Creating an Interloan Request - Library - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Before you request your interloan

Try searching for your item using the tools below, to verify your details are correct. If you can't find a reference to your item, you can still fill in a blank request form.

Search Multisearch and Google first


Start with a search of the Library's MultiSearch option first.

  1. Enter the exact title of the book or article in quotation marks, or use the Advanced Search option..
  2. If you don't find the full-text available via MultiSearch you may find a citation. Follow the links to the citation as it may take you to a database which offers a link or a "Search for Fulltext" button. This will either lead you through to the full-text, or to an Interloans Request Form, with most fields already completed.

Google (or your favourite search engine)

  1. Lots of papers can now be found freely online so try typing in your article title.
  2. If you use Google, you may get results via Google Scholar, and if you have set up Google Scholar preferences correctly, you may be able to link directly to UC subscribed resources from there.
  3. You may also find an ISSN or ISBN for your citation which will help with searching if you need to make an interloan request.

Searching via the Interloan request system

  • If you don't find full-text via the above searches, you will need to initiate an interloan request via the Interloans system. You may need to login if the system doesn't recognise you. See more about logging in.
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to your requests area, which will be empty initially. After you have created some requests, you will be able to see and interact with them here.
  • To start the request, begin with a search, which will look for your item in the UC Library and others in New Zealand.
  • We recommend using the Advanced Search option which will enable you to combine a number of searches together (eg author and title).
  • For journal articles, or book chapters etc, search for the journal or book title (eg Journal of Cell Biology) not the article or chapter title. As title is a keyword search, it can return many results - we recommend using an ISSN search for journals if you know it.
  • Once you find the publication you require (eg a journal title) click on the get it iconto the right of the record to request.
  • You will be taken to a form with the publication details filled in. If you require part of the publication (an article or chapter) fill in the part details. Check the other details (eg date the item is not needed after, pickup location, any other notes) then click on Request.
  • You will be asked to Accept a copyright statement to complete the request.

Getting an empty form

If your search returns no results, there is a link to the Create Request Form at the bottom of the page:

image of link to blank form