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Architectural Drawings

Collection Overview

drawing of proposed salt water swimming baths for New Brighton 1928Drawing of proposed salt water swimming baths for New Brighton, designed in 1928 by Collins and Harman for Public Works Dept.

At over 100,000 items the Macmillan Brown Library holds one of the largest collections of archival architectural drawings in New Zealand. Based on the accumulated work of South Island Architects, this collection includes many original drawings of B. W. Mountfort, W. B. Armson and other architects of early Canterbury and the West Coast. A large number of the drawings comprise pen and ink and watercolours, a tradition which has continued through to this century with the work of Collins Architects and Sir Miles Warren of the firm of Warren and Mahoney. As such, a number of the drawings are works of art in their own right.


The Macmillan Brown Library, located in the Māori and Pacific Studies Building, has study facilities for post-graduate students, members of the building professions, building conservation managers and the general public.

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Architectural archives are to be viewed by appointment only, they are usually returned to the storage area once use is complete.

Copying and Reproduction

Depending on the conditions of deposit set by the Donor, digital copies of our architectural archives collection may be ordered.

These copies are only provided for the purposes of private research and study. Clients will be charged the cost of copying the item plus a handing fee.

Clients must formally request to use copies for purposes other than private research and study. The appropriate forms must be completed and, at the discretion of the Library, an additional reproduction fee may be charged. Generally, a reproduction fee is only charged when an image is used commercially. The 1994 New Zealand Copyright Act applies to all items in the collection, and it is the responsibility of the user to comply with copyright regulations.

All requests for copying and reproduction must be completed using the appropriate forms which are available via the Macmillan Brown Library.

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