Photocopying - Conditions and Copyright- Services - Library - University of Canterbury

Copyright and Photocopying/Scanning Conditions

The following conditions must be observed when copying material:

The University forbids and does not authorise the use of its photocopying machines to copy or scan any work where such copying does not fall within the provisions of sections 19(1) or 20(1) of the Copyright Act.

To comply with the law on copyright, the following rules must be observed:

  • it must be for research or private study only
  • it must be for your own use and must not be copied for supply to another person
  • copying of an unpublished work is forbidden without express permission of the owner(s) of the copyright in such a work
  • you must not make more than one copy of any part of a work
  • you must not copy the whole of a work
    • or a whole chapter
    • or the greater part of a particular topic
    • or a summary contained in the work
    • or more than a reasonable proportion of a work
  • you must not copy parts of a work so as to avoid purchasing reproductions of the work
  • you must not copy significant parts of a work where you already have reasonable access to the work whether by purchase or loan.

It is the responsibility of individual users of these photocopying/scanning machines to observe the legal requirements of the Copyright Act. This equipment is made available on the express condition that users will indemnify the University in respect of any claim made against it for breach of copyright.