Integrate Library Resources into Learn

Integrating Library Resources into your Learn Course

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By integrating Library resources into Learn, students are exposed to the depth and breadth of quality resources relevant to their course of study.

This guide outlines how the library can assist you to integrate key information resources into your course on Learn, enabling easy and timely access for your students.


All resources included in Learn must comply with Copyright law. See the University of Canterbury Copyright Guidelines.


The Library offers access to the following resources:

  1. The Library Block
  2. The Library Block will appear by default on every new Learn page. It includes:

    • A search box for library resources.
    • Relevant subject guides for your course.
    • AskLive to contact a librarian through live chat.

    More about the Library Block.

  3. Link to Databases and Journal Articles
  4. If students are expected to use a database to find research material, a link to this database should be included. Links to material within Library databases can also be created, for example, to:

    • fulltext journal articles, conference papers, newspaper articles.
    • a "pre-defined" search, this enables students to see all of the recent journal articles added to a database on a particular topic.
    • table of contents for selected journals.

    Guide to linking to library resources

  5. Link to High Demand Material
  6. Links can be made to library material designated as High Demand for a course. This might include books on a reading list linked to their catalogue record, a link made directly to an eBook, or links made to fulltext journal articles. More about High Demand.

  7. Online tutorials
  8. Online tutorials can be designed for specific courses to help students use information resources effectively. These can be tailored to a particular assignment or presented as an overview of resources for a subject area. Online tutorials can be linked from Learn and completed by students in their own time. Contact your Subject Librarian if you would like an online library tutorial designed for your course. The online tutorials page also includes links to self-paced guides and tutorials.

    More about online tutorials.

  9. Library subject guides
  10. Library subject guides link to the key resources for academic disciplines. We are also happy to create guides specifically for your course. Contact your Subject Librarian if you would like a course guide.

  11. Online discussion
  12. Library staff can contribute to online forums, responding to questions about library resources or providing help with locating information.


For help with integrating any of the library's resources into Learn, please contact your Subject Librarian.