Proxy borrowing - Library - University of Canterbury

Proxy borrowing

What is the service?

This service enables a borrower to authorise one other person to take out items from the library on their behalf.

Where do I apply?

You can apply at the information desk of any UC Library. You will need to complete an authorising agreement form (PDF 160KB). This form contains a description and conditions of the proxy borrower function.

What is an authorizing borrower?

The authorising borrower authorises another borrower to check out items on their behalf and all such items will appear on the authorising borrower's library account.

What is a proxy borrower?

The proxy borrower is authorised by another borrower to check out items on behalf of that borrower. None of these items appear on the proxy borrower's library account (if they have one).

The proxy borrower can issue items for the authorising borrower by presenting photo identification at the information desk, or they may use the authorising borrower's Canterbury Card to issue items using the self-loan stations.

Conditions of use

Authorising and proxy borrowers must meet all conditions of use.