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Library Storage

Because all libraries have limited shelf space, less frequently used material is kept in storage.

These include theses, some journal titles and some issues of other journal titles, low-use items and most Special Collections items.

Requesting an item from Storage

  • Always check the item record on the Library Catalogue carefully. Information about where an item is held is indicated by a combination of Location, Collection and Status.
  • The Catalogue record should indicate whether you should use the normal requests process, the online Storage request form found in the descriptive part of the catalogue record, or whether you should ask at a Service/Information Desk.
  • For journals, you may have to click on Show Items to see how to obtain the exact volume and issue that you require.

If you have any difficulty interpreting the catalogue record, please ask for assistance, either at a Service/Information desk, by phone or email, or online via AskLive.

Collecting your requested Storage item

  • Requests for items in storage are collected each morning, Monday to Friday. Please note that some requests are difficult to trace and may take more than 24 hours.
  • When we have collected the item it will be held at the library you have selected. Note however that Theses and many other Special Collections items will be sent to, and must be read in, the Macmillan Brown Library.
  • You can use the Library Catalogue 'My Library Account' to check if the item is on hold for you, or you will be notified by email within 24 hours of the item becoming available.

If the item is unavailable, we will let you know. Please contact the Library if you no longer require this item.