Teaching Consultancy and Course Design- Library - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Online Course Design

Flexible Learning Advisors and Subject Librarians are available to work one on one with you to ensure that aligned learning outcomes, academic content, learning assessment, information literacy and specific research skills are integrated into the course design or redesign process of every course.

The Online Course Design course provides lecturers a range of helpful resources to assist with online and blended course design.

Flexible Learning Advisors

Support requests relating to learning design and the integration of technology into the curriculum are managed on a college basis.

The University's Flexible Learning Advisors (FLAs) provide services as part of an integrated, college-focused academic support team. This team also works closely with college learning and teaching committees.

Flexible Learning Advisors offer learning support for integrated course design and for learn-related technologies such as Learn.

Course design incorporates the following:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Course design content and resources
  • Visual design
  • Student engagement
  • Assessment
  • Information literacy skills (for each course level)
  • Quality
  • Interface
  • University of Canterbury focus areas
  • Graduate attributes
  • Evaluation
  • Integration of learning-related technologies to courses
  • Design and use of the Learn site to support blending learning

Best practice in course design is based on proven pedagogical frameworks and practices, as well as international benchmarking standards and also reflects the University of Canterbury's Learning & Teaching Plan.

All requests for assistance from Flexible Learning Advisors on any aspect of teaching or course design should be made through AssystNET. The Advisor for your College will then contact you to arrange a visit if appropriate.