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Sharing Practice

If you have any questions about the following practices or technologies please contact a member of the e-Learning support team.

Active learning in Law

Professor Ursula Cheer from the University of Canterbury's School of Law shares some ideas about how she keeps large classes energized and motivated.

Online engagement

Associate Professor Kate van Heugten describes the use of online chat.

Peer assessment

Professor Tim Bell discusses student peer assessment using PeerWise

Scaffolding learning

Kelly Dombroski describes scaffolding student learning using Learn

Teaching online

Dr Douglas Campbell discusses the use of e-learning for distance courses.


Professor Tim Bell describes the use of UCanAsk polling software in lectures.

Blended learning

Rhonda Powell about her initial steps into blending her course.

Online assessment

Professor Richard Lobb describes his use of online assessments.

Changing practice

Professor Jack Heinemann discusses changing teaching practice.