Using Topomap on-campus

NOTE: Topomap is not available off-campus, and will only run on PCs running Windows.

If you have access to the U: drive, navigate to the U:\Library\Shortcuts folder and drag a copy of the TopoNZ shortcut out of that folder onto your desktop.

Alternatively, you can create a shortcut by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting New then Shortcut. When asked to enter the Location of the Item, enter: \\uclibrmisc01p\toponz\topo.exe

Create shortcut wizard

For occasional use, simply pasting \\uclibrmisc01p\toponz\topo.exe into your Windows explorer address bar will also work.

Creating a shortcut may also work with computers connected to the University wireless network, although this is unsupported. If you do this it is likely you will be prompted for your login when you open the shortcut. If so, prefix your username with uocnt\

Note for Support Staff: If you provide access to Topomap via a Terminal Server, you may need to add uclibrmisc01p as a trusted site in your Windows Internet Options. (Thanks to Peter Glassenbury for this note.)


Some long-term users of TopoNZ may encounter a cache copy error when running version 11 for the first time. If this happens, close the software and delete the cached files from the previous versions that exist in your AppData folder at C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\MapToaster-cache\TopoNZ-800. All 3 files named METADATA*.DAT can be deleted and will be recreated by the new software.