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Regulations of New Zealand.

Religion and philosophy collection
Coverage: A comprehensive database covering topics such as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. With more than 300 full-text journals and unparalleled coverage of the subject areas listed above, the Religion & Philosophy Collection is an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies.
Publication types: Journals

Remedies :
Coverage: This database provides a comprehensive review of the major topics relating to civil remedies, including types of damages; prohibition and compulsion; injunctions; freezing and seizing; specific performance; restitutionary remedies; statutory rights and discretions; exemplary and aggravated damages; declaratory relief; contribution; limitations on remedies; taxation; and costs. New Zealand
Publication types: Commentary

Resource management.
Coverage: Legislation and commentary. New Zealand

RILM (Online : EBSCO)
Coverage: Compiled by the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature is the world's largest, continuously updated bibliography of music literature providing broad international coverage of the world of music, from Western and Eastern classical to pop, folk, and jazz.
Date range: 1967- updated monthly
Publication types: Journals, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, Festschriften, reviews, catalogues, and more.
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Coverage: RISM series A/II: "Music manuscripts after 1600" is the most comprehensive annotated index and guide to music manuscripts produced after 1600. Includes three other databases providing additional information to specific content: Composer, Library Sigla and Bibliographic Citations.
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Rock fracture knowledgebase.
Coverage: An online learning environment with a wide variety of information about fractures in rocks, their mechanisms, and their properties. Consists of about 400 web pages, embedded with approximately 1000 figures, citing upwards of 300 references.

RSC journals
Coverage: Provides full-text of current chemistry periodicals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Free content includes the first two volumes of all new journals from RSC Publishing since 2008; first chapter of RSC eBooks; special promotion articles; and RSC Open Science articles.
Publication types: Journals, conference proceedings, books.